College is on the horizon for FHS juniors


The college counseling office houses countless resources for juniors and seniors alike. Photo Credit: Grace Cleland

After all of the test taking, college research and campus visits, it is finally time to submit applications for admission. Now, everyone knows that around this time of year, juniors starting to experience the chaos to which the seniors have been accustomed. SATs are coming up, and reality finally hits that they need to start applying to colleges to figure out what their future holds.

Junior Kaitlyn Kim said, “It is so nerve-wracking around this time of year because you don’t know if your hard work throughout these past couple of years are going to pay off.”

To help ease the stress and provide useful tips about the admissions process, the college counselors held their annual Junior College Night on Thursday November 7. All juniors and their parents had a chance to socialize over dinner, and soon after, they were prompted into the gym for an evening full of details about one of the most important rites of passage of a young individual’s life: college.

There are many different aspects that go into creating a perfect college application, and the Junior College Night served informed students about all of the key components of the process. For example, the college counselors discussed strategic college recommendations from teachers. They learned that everything should serve as a purpose, not just fill a role. And most importantly, students should talk about what they love, not what they think application readers will love because yes, the readers can tell the difference.

As the night progressed, a variety of different speakers from the college counseling department came and talked about their expertise in the area. They provided details about Flint Hill’s process in particular and reassured every junior that they would make it through the extremely demanding procedure. To ease the stress of the demands, the counselors also laid down due dates for each step of the process.

College counselor Andrew Kane had nothing but good things to say about the night.

“I think it went very well as it always does. We had a great student and family turn out and it seemed like everyone was really engaged in the topics.”

The main thing that Kane wanted the everyone to take away was that, “We as college counselors have the same goals as the students and families, and what we really wanted to portray was the everything is going to be alright and we are here for them throughout the whole process.”

The night aimed to provide a key learning experience for both students and parents alike and educate both about their role in the process. Parents in particular were able to acquire information about what they should specifically do to comfort their child throughout the crazy journey towards their university.

Claudia Homsi, mother of junior Zane Homsi, said, “Zane has been at Flint Hill since kindergarten and it is crazy that the day is finally coming where he has to start thinking about college. I couldn’t have been more at ease after hearing the college counselors talk about the process.”

“It was nice to see parents getting involved and seeing the students taking initiative and concern about college. It made me realize we are much closer to college than I had anticipated and my parents really need to be there to support me throughout the process,” said junior Afshan Bhatia.

Overall, the juniors viewed the night as successful, as some of the the unanswered questions about the process were finally resolved.

“I thought the information was very beneficial and I learned a lot of facts about what I need to look for in the future!” said junior Amy Jeanerette.