Vollyball team sees another successful season


Photo Credit: Victor O'Neill

The team celebrates a point.

Flint Hill’s varsity volleyball team has been exceptionally successful in the past years, yet this year, the girls managed to further improve with a 28-0 record. The varsity team is close to once again standing undefeated as they previously did in 2010 with a 33-0 record.

“We are blessed and have worked extremely hard to be in the position we are in right now: almost starting a perfect record in the face,” said senior Allie Fellows. “But there is a lot that needs to be taken care of before that happens.”

But what is it that continuously leads the team to success?

According to Coach Carrol Anderson, “It’s having a vision early on in the program’s early stages of where we wanted to be and how to get there that makes this team great.”

Every year, the team sets goals. This year, these goals are to win the Flint Hill Volleyball Tournament, the regular ISL Conference, the ISL Tournament, the City Championship, and a State Championship.

“This team is so talented that if they just perform, stay focused, and execute, then all those goals will take care of themselves,” said Anderson. “We talk about goals every year but the goal for this team is to go out and to perform at their best every match, no matter who they are playing.”

Anderson also said that is it is the girls’ commitment and teamwork that helps the team succeed.

“They love the sport; it’s a lot of hard work but it’s also fun,” she said. “Volleyball is one of those sports where teamwork is a necessity. So that drive, it definitely helps the players to want to be successful. As coaches, we try to provide them with this opportunity by building a really competitive schedule against really good schools.”

Many high schools in the area have excellent volleyball teams, but Flint Hill stands out. Fellows claims that it is the team’s friendship and unity that allows them achieve these outstanding results.

“Some of us have been friends since we were in kindergarten,” she said. “Our bond carries on and off the court and that is unlike anywhere else I have ever seen. We play because we want to be together, rather than being only driven by the titles and wins.”

Anderson agreed with this, saying, “There’s a lot of good programs in the area. I think our teams over the years have been successful but they have also had really good team chemistry and support, which I think is unique.”

Both experience and leadership also contribute to the success of the Flint Hill varsity volleyball team.

Last year, the team ended with a 31-3 record.

“Those three losses probably helped us to be better prepared for this year,” said Anderson. “When they’re in these situations this year, they are able to handle it a lot differently. Last year there were times when the girls would have a sense of panic when they were down. This year they don’t panic, they remain calm and composed and are able to turn it around.”

Apart from experience, this year, the team has no set team captains; the position alternates at each match. With the captain position distributed between the eight seniors on the team, the team has become more united.

“Having captains would be really difficult. We are all great leaders in our own way and I think that being able to individually all lead the team has driven its success,” Fellows said.

Naming captains could also cause division on the team, which is why Anderson decided against choosing captains.

“We didn’t want that to get in the way of our main goal: to be successful, to put the team first.”

Flint Hill’s varsity volleyball team hopes to finish this season with a perfect record through commitment and hard work. With the ISL Championships and the State Championship coming up, the team will be working hard to maintain its perfect record.