One-of-a-kind One-acts


Photo Credit: Kamryn Olds

Students gather in the Learning Commons, awaiting the start of the show.

By Lily Kyser, Staff Writer

The Flint Hill theater department provides students with the opportunity to be involved in one-act Plays. As the name suggests, student directors select a short play to present to the school during office hours to display their leadership, creativity, and perseverance. This year, the directors were Maya Jaffe, John Kallas, Sasha Wai, and Sameer Bahethi.


Sophomore Maya Jaffe directed “The Kissing Scene” with senior Zac Coe and junior Hannah Khan. Jaffe chose this play due to its funny and unique elements, as it contains a play within a play and extravagant characters. She explained that she chose Coe and Khan since the characters in the play have a distinct “chemistry,”  which she noted as essential to conveying the attractions and tensions within the characters’ relationships.


The actors were just as eager to share their experiences from the one-acts. “I always enjoy acting, that’s why I do it,” Coe said.


“It’s great to be in an environment with students working with students,” Cue added. “We all work together to get something done. That’s the purest form of it.”


Senior John Kallas also directed a one-act. Kallas explained that he “was always interested in directing”, and noted that one-acts create an “easy way to slide in to a direction role.”


He shared that his play was easy to direct and that he was “able to just get in and do it.”


He said the most challenging part of the one-acts was finding time to rehearse, as the plays are not an “official priority on the Flint Hill radar,” so it was hard to fit in practice with busy academic schedules. However, once all parties worked out a firm meeting time, it was easy to follow. Kallas also explained that “choosing the actors was difficult,” but when that was complete, everything fell into place.


Sebastian Aguilar was in the audience at the performance of the one-acts.


“I thought the students in the one-act plays put in a lot of time and work, and I believe that definitely was proven on the stage,” he said. Aguilar proclaims the one-acts were “one of the best productions I’ve seen in at my time at Flint Hill, and I can’t wait to see what the theater department does next.”


Jaffe said the production went “even [more smoothly] than I hoped for.” She shared that the actors “performed amazingly” and “it was great to see the audience respond so positively to our plays.” Jaffe is a huge advocate for the equal representation and celebration of sports and arts.


“The attendance of the performances was surprising,” she said, “especially since last year we had a very, very small audience….It was great to see so many people getting involved in the productions we put on.”


All in all, the one-acts were a huge success among actors, directors, teachers, and students alike. The actors performed professionally and virtually without mistakes, while the directors did a great job organizing the experience. Flint Hill’s theater program continues to impress after its fall play and is only getting better.