Upper School visual arts show displays wide range of student talent


Flint Hill Flickr

The Visual Arts program at Flint Hill has a variety of courses with many unique qualities.

Foundations in Art is an entry-level course that takes place in one of Flint Hill’s studios. This course prepares students for upper level art courses such as Photography and Ceramics. Foundations equips students with basic skills that are needed in order to progress in the art program. Other beginner-level visual art courses also help students prepare for the higher standards of Honors and AP classes.

Nancy Xu, a current sophomore, described her experience as “joyful” and “unique,” and referenced the fact that not many other schools feature diverse art course offerings. Lauren Craige, a current senior, mentioned how “fortunate” students at Flint Hill are as “not every school has such a nice studio and learning experience.”

The Visual Arts Show was on Monday, April 9 at the Flint Hill Upper School. The art is still on display in the school. Ceramics I, II, and III projects are at the front of the learning commons and AP and Honors Ceramics are located towards the back. The front of the school and the Lower Commons feature displays from students in Graphic Design I and II, as well as Digital Photography I and II. Filmmaking, a new course this year, displayed a group film titled The Dead Rabbit along with other works created by individual students.

The show took weeks to set up.  Xu notes how she had to glaze many projects and she spent up to three hours in the studio every day in the week leading up to the show.  “It was pretty stressful, but luckily I didn’t have that much work to do,” she said.

Craige and Xu wanted to reiterate Mrs. Cardone’s message to be very careful around the art work. Towards the beginning of the show, a student’s art was knocked over and shattered. This piece of art was going to be part of the student’s AP Ceramics portfolio, and was a piece he had been working on all year. While this is unfortunate, all of the students at Flint Hill can use this as a learning opportunity and be more aware when around pieces of art both inside and outside the school building.

Overall, the show was a great success. It featured a variety of work, from digital to physical, displaying Flint Hill’s wide range of talents. The show remains on display until May 9th.