Students perform in first Open Mic of the year


By Isobel Matsukas, Sports Editor

The first Open Mic of the 2018-2019 school year on Thursday, September 27 was a huge success! Open Mic is about once a month where students and faculty can sign up to perform anything they would like. In the past, we have seen stand-up comedy, rap, musicians, and bands that have performed together. It was held in the Commons on the copper stage and hosted by Trenaj Mongo, Toi Howard, and Zahra Sharmarke.

Act One was stand-up comedy by senior Ender Bahethi. He recounted his freshman presentation on The Odyssey. He put superfluous effort into the project and wore a toga he found in the drama room. Embarrassingly, he burst into his classroom 30 minutes late, having gone to the wrong lunch. He comically thanked his freshman English teacher, Ms. Lee, for not quitting her job after being his teacher.

The second act was one-of-a-kind by freshman, Marcus Pennisi. He rapped Yeah Toast while ‘playing’ a toaster by hitting drumsticks on it to keep a beat. Some of the lyrics include, “all around the country coast to coast, people always say what do you like most, I don’t wanna brag, I don’t wanna boast, I always tell ‘em I like toast”. The audience loved this act and joined in for the chorus, “Yeah Toast!”

There were two solo musical performances done by juniors Cameron Sabet and George Moacdieh. Cameron played a beautiful song on the violin that calmed the excitable and loud audience. After that, George sang Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, playing the piano to compliment his talented vocals!

English teacher, Mr. Sealy, lost a bet and had to perform at Open Mic, so the Sealy Advisory took over act five with a performance of Low Rider. The advisory was clever enough to incorporate some comedy into their act with a reference from Saturday Night Live. There were multiple components to this piece including guitar, cowbell, tambourine, keyboard, and drums. The audience seemed to love this and so did the performers!

All in all, the first Open Mic of the year was a big hit and all performers and audience members seemed to have a great time.