Major Minors Tour at Princeton!


By Swetha Madiraju, Editor

From October 11th to the 13th, the Major Minors group at Flint Hill was busy working with and getting to know college a cappella groups at Princeton University and the University of New Jersey in the town of Princeton, New Jersey. 


One senior in the group, Brooke Harrison, explained that “[the purpose of the trip] is to take what we’ve already learned and kind of improve upon because we meet with college a cappella groups and they basically help us to work on specific things”. 


Working with higher-level groups helped the highschoolers understand what singing in the college environment would look like. 


“We got to have a lot of free time to explore the Princeton campus, which was cool,” said Harrison.


 Being able to tour the Princeton and the University of New Jersey campus was informational and fun for the group because they were able to look at a potential choice for their college studies, especially because Princeton’s a cappella groups are highly accomplished. 


“It’s kind of a lot,” added Harrison. “You have to wake up early and have a full day of singing which puts a lot [of pressure] on your voice and by the end of the day, it’s hard to have enough energy to do your own thing”. 


Though it was a lot of work, the experience, overall, was enriching as they were able to work with college a cappella groups and improve on specific aspects of their performance. Not only did it improve their singing skills, but they were also able to get to know new people, as well as get closer to the people in their group. 


The best part of the trip was “getting to meet all the different people in the college groups but also getting to know all of the people in Major Minors, especially the new members,” said Harrison.  “It was a lot of singing, but amazing.”


Major Minors Sponsor and Choir Director, Sarah Pramstaller commented, “The most memorable part of the trip was when the Major Minors sang under “the arch” at Princeton University.  It was Parent’s Weekend, so there were a lot of people on campus. Many stopped to listen to them sing and then cheered afterward. It was our last moment on tour and a great way to end the weekend.”