Major Minors Concert

By Swetha Madiraju, Editor

On January 29th, 2020, Flint Hill’s a capella group, Major Minors, put on an amazing show to exhibit their hard work throughout the year. Not only was it a great experience for the audience, but it was also very important to the group, as it was the last Major Minors concert for the group’s 12 seniors. Many were emotional and even shed tears by the end of the night.


“It was a super fun last concert,” said senior George Moacdieh. “I’ll remember it as a good part of my senior year.”


This graduating class, in particular, has many students who plan to go on to study music in college and later in life. During the concert, the seniors gathered to share their experiences with music at Flint Hill. They explained that their love for music was fostered at school and would live on for many years.  


Senior Simon Van Der Weide shared his journey with the group. “The 2020 Major Minors Concert was the event we have been building towards for the past several months. For the seniors, it’s the end of the road in some ways because it’s our last concert outside of Arts Jam. While an ephemeral event, it was beautiful in its short life.”


This night was also very meaningful for juniors, as some even experienced new beginnings. Junior Emily Townsend explained what the night meant to her: “This was my first Major Minors concert and it was truly amazing. It was such a fun evening, there were great performances by my friends, and I finally got over my stage fright!”


Even though many seniors will be leaving the group, the underclassmen and juniors proved that “they are capable of filling the seniors’ shoes,” according to chorus teacher, Ms. Pramstaller. There were performances by freshman Bridgit Cook, a duet by Swetha Madiraju & Ellie Rachev, and another duet by Logan Wagner and Natalie Naylor.


Many attended the concert on Wednesday and showed their support of the Arts at Flint Hill. Though there was high energy throughout the concert, it had a bittersweet ending, with seniors looking back on their memorable experiences in the group. The juniors and underclassmen will be sure to carry on this legacy hereafter.