Flint Hill celebrates diversity during International Week

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Flint Hill celebrates diversity during International Week

By Sara Khan, Staff Writer

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This year’s International Week at Flint Hill was a success. The cultural festivities spanned a week, consisting of new varieties of food, an International Week Showcase featuring students and teachers, and a fun-filled International Festival on Saturday. The community was generally positive toward the week as a whole, after many weeks of planning around long weekends and schedule complications.

During the week, the lunch menu featured several food options from China, Spain, and India, including Kung Pao Chicken and Lamb Biryani.

Most students had positive remarks about the lunch options, including sophomore Sydney Abell.

“I enjoyed the Indian food on Friday,” she said, “because it was unique and had a flavor I wasn’t familiar with.”

Aside from entrées, fortune cookies were added to the menu on Wednesday to represent China.

Their inclusion sparked some debate amongst students, due to the true origin of the cookie.

According to sophomore Lissa Silk, “Fortune cookies are originally from the United States and including such foods that are not originally from the place advertised on the menu [goes against what International Week stands for].”

On Friday, the International Week Showcase, a major part of the festivities, was held in the Commons. Several performances showed off the diverse talents and backgrounds of the Flint Hill community, including a fashion show.

Sophomore Andrew Hamilton appreciated the fashion aspect of the Showcase because many of the articles of clothing, including Upper School Counselor and Human Development Teacher Ms. Lindsay Bowling’s traditional Bavarian outfit and Upper School Chinese Teacher Ms. Hongying Jia’s traditional Chinese dress were intriguing and introduced him to different cultures.

“The fashion show was interesting,” said Hamilton, “because I had never seen some of the fashions shown during the performance.”

Other students, including sophomore Ashleigh Freda, found fellow Huskies’ musical performances to be powerful and captivating.

“I was impressed by how well my fellow classmates showcased their talents,” said Freda.

Lastly, the International Festival, held the following Saturday from 3:00-5:00 pm, ended the week on a high note. Along with an array of food options from different countries, there was a small performance that highlighted other cultures in a more formal manner than the Showcase during break on Friday.

Freshman Mahi Rana liked going to the festival, but was disappointed with the small turnout from our school community.

“The festival was interesting and I enjoyed the food,” said Rana. “However, I wish that the event [had been] better advertised because not that many students showed up.”

Nonetheless, other students were able to make the most of the situation and agreed that the event was still exciting even without large crowds.

“I enjoyed the festival, although there were only a small amount of students present,” said freshman Katerina Kalamatianos.

Every year International Week is a time for Flint Hill to further recognize the diversity within its community. It is a time to lean into discomfort and participate in unique cultural festivities.



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