Mr. Edward Mathieu, Humans of Flint Hill

If I’ve never met you before, what do I have to know about you?

Mr. Edward Mathieu: “I enjoy many different genres of music. I require music each day, like a dose. It can be blues, it can be rock and roll, it can be jazz, it can be symphonic… denying me music does not make me happy. My favorite genre would have to be classic rock. I like it because… it’s life. It’s creative, it speaks to people’s emotions, joy, craziness… It’s calming and energizing at once, you know? It depends on the mood, on what’s going on. I listen to it in the car while I’m driving so I don’t have road rage. I don’t think it’s something people would guess about me from first glance… they would think I like something much different. But, if anybody wanders by my room in the afternoon when nobody’s here, my music is pounding.”