Ms. Tracy Peterson, Humans of Flint Hill

If I’ve never met you before, what do I have to know about you?


If you had never met me before, I would want you to know that what’s most important to me is that we learn to treat everyone with dignity and respect and kindness, regardless of our differences. I realize that sounds horribly cliche and maybe even ridiculous. But the older I become, the more this matters to me: that we learn (or relearn?) how to sit down and listen to each other–I mean, really listen; that we ask each other questions; that we approach each other with humility and curiosity instead of with judgment and assumptions. I would want you to know that the most important way I identify, as a human being on this planet, is as a teacher, and as a teacher, I think my most important role is, to quote Steve Kerr (coach of the Golden State Warriors) to “explain [to kids] the importance of love[ing] the person next to you, respecting them no matter who they are, where they come from. They’re human beings, we’re all human beings, we’re all in this together.”