The Literary Magazine – A Creative Way to Express Yourself

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The Literary Magazine – A Creative Way to Express Yourself

By Lily Kyser, Staff Writer

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Flint Hill provides students with many amazing ways to communicate their ideas and beliefs. One of these ways is the Literary Magazine, where students can submit their pictures, poems, essays, and artwork with the school community. The product of these submissions, The Rough Draft, is a compilation of the best works, and it is published at the end of each academic year.

Senior Tara Monjazeb, a co-editor, explained that the publication lets others view the Flint Hill community through a creative lens, rather than an academic one. She said, “The Rough Draft gives a voice to the student’s creative capacities. The magazine gives people an opportunity to read others’ work, which isn’t usually out in the open.”

Senior and fellow co-editor Patrick Lovelace says his favorite thing about being a part of The Rough Draft is that it is a unique way for students to express themselves in the Arts at Flint Hill.

“You can go to performances, look at all the art on the walls,” said Lovelace. “But, reading everything and being a part of putting it all together to make the publication is really cool.”

Monjazeb understands people can be shy or afraid of showing their writing. The editors say that although it can be difficult to encourage submissions, this is by no means due to a lack of talented writers or artists. “There is no lack of talent at Flint Hill. We definitely have talented writers,” she said.

The publication is highly popular with the Flint Hill student body.

Junior Mardy Kramer said, “I love it! I wish there were more copies.”

Sophomore Maya Jaffe described The Rough Draft as “a compilation of literary sources from the Flint Hill community, and it is the center of the English Department.”

Junior Sebastian Van Der Weide said, “Everyone should submit work to it, and there are lots of awesome, amazing people who participate in it.”

The Rough Draft will be available to the student body at the end of the academic year.

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