Selim Aksu, Humans of Flint Hill


Photo Credit: Sara Khan

Selim Aksu eagerly poses for a picture during First Lunch.

By Sara Khan, Photo Editor

If I’ve never met you before, what do I have to know about you?

“I love music. I know that sounds generic, but it goes a little deeper than the surface level. It’s not just the musical experience that I like: it’s the entire process. From the mind of a musician, to words on a paper, to recording in the studio, and, finally, to pressing the records to ship out to the world, everything about [the process of creating and distributing music] is incredible to me. My favorite aspect of the whole process has to be the creation of the album art. It brings together so many influences to create one concise work of art that represents [the content on the] album [that] eventually adorns my shelf. The perfect storm of everything coming together to create music is beautiful and incredible.”