Natalie Naylor, Humans of Flint Hill


Photo Credit: Sasha Wai

By Sasha Wai, Features Editor

If I’ve never met you before, what do I have to know about you?

If you’ve never met me before, I’d like you to know that I’m into astrology. I’m not into astrology because I think it determines everything about your life or it will cure all your problems, and I don’t base all of my friendships and relationships off of the sun signs of those around me. I like astrology because it’s different and personal for everyone that is curious about it. Like, your mom might be a Cancer and your significant other might be a Cancer and that could mean two completely different things. It’s truly a personality test like no other. And even if my sun sign is Libra (which it is), that doesn’t mean that I have to be 100% Libra. Astrology is kind of a loose picky-choosy thing like that.