Humans of Flint Hill: Bahethi’s Senior Project

A Flint Hill senior has gone above and beyond (literally), to explore his interests in aerospace engineering.

By Cameron J. Sabet, News Editor


Bahethi exploring the Goddard Space Center Clean Room.

As senior projects are coming up, I would like to call our attention to one young superstar, Senior Sameer Bahethi. He interned at Genesis Engineering Solutions for two weeks during Spring Break and enjoyed his time there so much that he dedicated his work there for his senior class project and finished quite early. During his time there, he worked on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) for satellite and aeronautical usage for NASA spacecraft. Also, he worked on Single Person Spacecraft (SPS) mockups, where he designed, according to Bahethi, “certain aft paneling for 3D spacecraft designs” using the same program NASA uses, Creo2. Next, Bahethi worked on coding for a cold gas thruster for the aforementioned SPS mockup, and built a Reaction Control System (RCS) thruster, which is, as Bahethi described, a “maneuverability thruster for orbital corrections.” He used this RCS to build a machine that could maneuver itself along an air hockey table to simulate orbital maneuverability and viability. Since Bahethi could not fire a cold gas thruster, he instead processed codes to switch a light on and off, simulating thruster fire in a cycle with, as Bahethi noted, a “set Newtons of force to fire at set amounts per second for improved control with the thruster.” Bahethi had the opportunity to tour NASA’s Goddard Flight Center and labs testing spacecraft worthiness and viability in extreme environments.

Bahethi is planning on becoming an undergraduate aerospace engineering major in order to become an astronaut. Through his senior project and spring break internship, Bahethi got what he said was his “first real work experience by attending meetings, learning about government contracting, handling semi-classified proprietary Genesis information, sending information up a chain of command, and just making friends and going to lunch in an office environment.” Bahethi said that “making friends in an intimate office setting should not be intimidating, but rather should come naturally and helps the whole system work a little more efficiently.” With his head held high and his dreams reaching far, Bahethi will truly go where no man has gone before.