Club Fair Showcases Students’ Ambitions and Passions

By Erica Kim, Co Editor-in-Chief

Club Fair is an annual event that brings together passionate students from every grade to display their clubs, new and old, in an attempt to advertise and recruit more members. Similar to past years, the 2019 Club Fair pushed hundreds of the student body to join clubs.

The diversity of clubs is prominent when walking through lines of posters and smiling faces. There are service-oriented clubs such as UNICEF, St. Jude’s, and the Clay Club that promote active participation to raise awareness of specific issues and dedicate their work to serve organization around the local and global community. On the other hand, there are also recreational clubs like the Ultimate Wii Club and Movie club, which brings students together to share their favorite past times. 

The Environmental Ninjas, founded by seniors Valorie Varansdall and Kayla Baetz, work to raise awareness of one of the most critical issues surrounding society today: climate change. The club recognizes the importance of younger generations’ role in finding a voice among the climate change debate and restoring the planet with small acts.

“We are the generation that is responsible for saving the Earth and we have the most power at it as of right now,” said Valorie. “So we decided what better thing to do than to create a safe and educational community in our school”

The ultimate goals of the Environmental Ninjas are “to educate about how to help out the local and global community and bring this school to be more environmentally friendly” and “let individuals know that they have an impact as well so that even if they are not part of the club and that they can contribute in their own ways even if it is something little.” 

The Environmental Ninjas will meet on Fridays after school to discuss specific issues, create projects, and go on field trips. 

Another club is the Champions for Cerebral Palsy run by junior Isabel Matuskas. Presenting her poster, Isabel passionately expressed how she aims to “spread awareness and education about cerebral palsy to the community as well as raise funds.”

This year, the club hopes to raise over 5000 dollars for the Cerebral Palsy Foundation and educate the school more about the cerebral palsy community. 

The club fair encourages students, club leaders, and faculty to discover new interests and activities each year. We cannot wait to see what clubs accomplish this year in the local and global communities.

Students attentively listen to a club member talk about Ultimate Wii Club
Photo Credit: FHS Facebook page