Model United Nations Club at Flint Hill Takes on VAMUN


Credit: FHS Model UN club

By Swetha Madiraju, Editor

This past weekend, the Flint Hill Model United Nations Club attended a conference at the University of Virginia, where a variety of schools from around the state participated. Model U.N. simulates the events that take place at real United Nations meetings, preparing students for discussions about major world events and politics.

One sophomore who attended, Emily Hay, had a lot of positive things to say about her experience attending VAMUN: “It was my first time doing an overnight M.U.N. trip. It was really interesting to see different perspectives from different countries about current events that happen all over the world.”

Hay added that although it was her first conference at a college, she improved her public speaking skills and said that it helped her get better at being flexible with others’ ideas. At the same time, she learned to be confident and to always get her opinion and position on the topic out there in order for her voice to be heard. 

“You can’t be afraid to talk. You have to assert your dominance. If you have an opinion, you just have to say it as quickly as possible for it to be taken into consideration.”

The weekend was full of busy events, with four committee sessions in order to pass at least one resolution.

“We had a lot of work to do every day. There was at least one committee session every day, with each session lasting at least 3 hours,” Hay said.

However, there were opportunities to socialize as well, with a Santa Soiree on the first night and a Delegate Dance on the second. 

“It was very interesting to get to meet new people at UVA. It was kind of a stressful weekend, so being able to attend social events and have some time just to hang out with the other delegates was really nice,” said Hay.

The students attending also had the opportunity to check out the University of Virginia’s campus.

“It was really beautiful. I enjoyed the campus and the atmosphere of the whole college. It was fun to see how I would fit in a college setting,” said Hay.

Though the weekend was a lot of work, it ultimately paid off, with seniors Thomas Freireich winning Honorable mention and CJ Nkenchor winning Best Delegate in their committees.