Keeping Up with Teens During “Quaranteen”

By Joy Alemu and Helena Bruck, Editor and Contributor

A Freshman’s Perspective

When COVID-19 happened, our lives changed unexpectedly and we found ourselves quarantined at home. Usually, during our free time, we would visit family or even go to the movies, but now we are stuck in our homes 24/7. Normally, during my free time, I would be hanging out with my friends but now I am finding new trends on social media to pass the time.

  1. Changing up my looks and dying my hair

Recently, on Tiktok, it has been a trend to dye your hair. As people dye their hair, they will document the experience by videotaping it. Some people dye their front two strands while some dye their whole head. 

I myself had the opportunity to dye my hair with my cousins. We were so excited to try it out because all of the people who have done it looked amazing. That night, we drove to CVS to buy pink dye. We dyed our hair, and when we rinsed it, there was nothing there! I was very disappointed since I was expecting great results. Pro tip: if you have dark hair, I would not recommend dying it.

  1. Workouts!

With all of this free time because of quarantine, many have decided to start various workout programs from Chloe Ting, Alexis Ren, and more. Many people do this to better their health while others do it because they are bored. This is especially helpful because I know many of us are doing a lot of snacking thanks to the Coronavirus, so it is important to stay healthy.

I decided to do Chloe Ting’s two-week ab workout with my close friend. For me, it is very important to do workouts with a friend for motivation because I find it really difficult to complete a workout program if I don’t have a workout buddy.

This was one of the best decisions I have made all quarantine. I feel so refreshed and I have definitely gotten stronger. I feel like a new person. I am definitely glad that I made the decision to take this time to workout.

A Junior’s Perspective

With social distancing, many of us may be feeling lonely, but there are ways to compensate. Though this is a hard time for everyone, it is helpful to also see benefits like being able to try new activities. As a junior, next year is going to be all my “last…” with my friends. But rather than see the negatives, we should try to see the positives of what we can do during this time. With that in mind, here are some tips and fun activities I have enjoyed and tried during the quarantine.

  1. Netflix Party: If you want to start a new show or movie, use Netflix Party to connect with friends rather than just on your own. It makes the experience more enjoyable and you have others to talk about your interests with. In the past, if you wanted to watch with others, everyone would have to press play at the same time, but now this allows for people to interact during the time. 
  2. Go for a drive: It is important to protect ourselves during this time, but staying cooped up in the house is nothing short of boring after awhile. As someone who has their license, I find it enjoyable to go on these drives so that I can see more of what is happening outside of my street. In addition, even if you can drive on your own, go with another family member because it makes the overall experience more enjoyable.
  3. Find one thing you want to get better at!  This should be something you have always wanted to do, but maybe because of time, it was not possible in the past. For me, this is cooking, but by finding at least one thing you want to get better at, it allows you to improve and feel productive during this time. I have always loved cooking and during this time I want to find more recipes that I like while also learning how to cook different foods from my culture. A 2015 study proved that when people wrote down their goals, they were 33% more successful at accomplishing it. Though it may feel like an added task with the stress of school, having a goal of something you want to accomplish allows for you to spend a set amount of time during the day doing something you want. 

Social Distancing is important to not only protect yourself but also the people around you. Though this is a hard time for everyone, we should strive to see benefits like being able to try new activities, while also keeping up with school.

Finally, here’s what we’ve been listening to during quarantine:

Chill Playlist to listen to (CLEAN)

  1. Comfortable-H.E.R
  2. Afterglow- The Driver Era
  3. Selfish-Madison Beer
  4. Everything-Ella Mai ft.John Legend
  6. Superpower-Beyoncé ft. Frank Ocean
  7. Cardigan- Don Toliver