Hope and Happiness

Hope and Happiness

By Isobel Matsukas, Editor-in-Chief

Hello, and welcome back to happihealthy! Sometimes, maybe even oftentimes now, it can be hard to keep that happihealthy mindset or “tunnel vision” on your goals and dreams. With the future holding so many unknowns, you might feel like you’re losing hope because no one knows when everything will go back to “normal” and we’re even being told “normal” won’t ever happen again. Therefore, I wanted to write an article bringing hope and happiness back into the stream of news you read because it’s so important to acknowledge that having hope looks different everyday and that’s okay. You may feel differently each day but hope can always be found within you.


Taking a deep breath and just persevering can work well sometimes. However, other times, it can help to take a step back and do things that help you feel grounded. Take a mindful moment, because in the moment it might not fix the problem, but it will fix your mindset and outlook on the situation. Metaphors are something that help me feel grounded because it’s reassuring to think that feelings can be represented by bigger things. 

Feelings and emotions come in waves but there are certain feelings that are more like the water out at sea. It’s always there but there are ripples in the water that make that base water level fluctuate. Sometimes there are storms that create huge waves out in the middle of the ocean with white caps and rough waters. I consider happiness to be one of those feelings out at sea and storms in your life could make that level of happiness change. Same with hope where sometimes the sea is calm, a light wind blowing, the water is relatively level. This kind of water would reflect the hope you have when nothing is going wrong, things you hope for on an everyday basis. Then, the water during a storm would reflect the hope you have when things aren’t going quite as you had expected. Sometimes things will just click and you’ll have a good day so you have lots of hope which would be when the wave peaks but sometimes when a wave peaks, that could represent another feeling you have. Maybe you’re having a bad day so the feeling of sadness or frustration is very strong so that high wave would represent a strong negative feeling instead of a positive one. It’s all about perspective. 


The other day I woke up at 5:45, so I looked out of my window to see if I could see the sunrise, and I could, and it was so pretty. Then, I walked out into the hall, and I could see the actual sun instead of just the colors painted in the sky. I then walked downstairs and I couldn’t see the sunrise at all. Things look different from different points of view. Sometimes it will be almost blinding but easy to see and bright, other times it will look calming and give you everything you want, but the colors might be pale. I was looking at the same sunrise in the three different places, but it looked so different from each perspective. Nevertheless, it was still a sunrise. 

I have a soft spot for sunrises, sunsets, sunny days, and everything related to the sun. The sun rises and sets every single day. No matter what else is going on in the world or in your life, you can count on the sun to hang overhead. Even on cloudy days, the sun is still there but just hidden. Like with water always being in the middle of the ocean, the sun is always there no matter the external things happening. Whether it’s a storm making waves in the ocean or clouds covering the sun. Hope can be thought of as the same thing. Always there, found from within. External forces can change how much hope you feel, just like how the water level in the middle of the sea changes if a storm is occurring. Having hope can feel different based on what else is happening in your life just like how the sunrise looked different from different places in my house. Depending on how you look at a situation, you can always have hope, it’s always there just like how the sun is always there even on cloudy days.


I trust that we are able to get from cloudy days feeling lost at sea in a storm to the beautiful sunset with all sorts of colors painted across the sky. When I start to feel those clouds closing in, it helps me to do something that makes me feel grounded. If you’re religious, that can be praying but it can also be taking a walk, reading, or listening to your favorite playlist. I feel an overwhelming sense of calm and peace looking at the sunrise, sunset, and just being outside. I feel like they are constant reminders of the Earth’s beauty, that everything having a plan, and they are constants. No matter what else is going on, the sun will always rise and set. Although the moon makes the tide change and storms create waves, the water level in the middle of the sea remains relatively the same. No matter what external sources are creating unrest within you, hope can be an internal constant and when a ripple in the water makes it waver, know that it will become steady once again.