Students commit to service at DC Central Kitchen


Photo Credit: Flint Hill School

Students from Flint Hill who volunteered at DC Central Kitchen take a picture to remember all their hard work from the day.

By Andrew Hamilton, Staff Writer

For many students within the Flint Hill community, time is sparse. Extracurricular activities, homework, planning for S.A.T.s, and studying all take up a student’s time, and thus choosing what to invest time in is always difficult. In particular, gaining service hours seems to be a very strenuous task for Flint Hill students.

While the school faculty attempts to aid students with the creation of the Service Fair and service opportunities being shown in the Morning Report, many still have difficulties finding service opportunities. However, for those who still have trouble, Clay Club, a club at Flint Hill that does service each year through its Empty Bowls event, can also act as a provider for service options, with an example being the DC Central Kitchen trip.

“Through [DC Central Kitchen’s] culinary arts training program, students learn employable skills and upon graduating are supported in finding jobs,” says Julia Cardone, Upper School Ceramics Teacher and supervisor of the trip.  “DC Central Kitchen does create 5,000 meals everyday but it’s in creating those meals that magic also happens. Magic in not only feeding those who are hungry but supporting them to find a different path, to have the ability to feed themselves and their families.”

Founded in 1989, the DC Central Kitchen is dedicated to fighting homelessness, poverty, and the waste of food in their own unique way. This involves giving job opportunities to the homeless, providing meals for the hungry, giving people access to healthier food options, and much more.

Additionally, DC Central Kitchen offers a multitude of volunteer opportunities to those looking for them. These volunteer opportunities include scheduling a meeting, learning expectations set by the organization, and creating a set schedule for when you are to gain service hours.

As a way of showing school support for DC Central Kitchen, Cardone arranged for her annual trip to DC Central Kitchen on January 26, 2018. A group of thirty-one students, made up of seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, decided to go on the trip.

“The purpose of the DC Central Kitchen Trip is to help them give back to the community by making food for those in need,” said sophomore Ben Ephraim. “The trip exposes us to how we can give back and help others who don’t have the privilege of always knowing where their next meal will come from.”

The DC Central Kitchen trip was a great opportunity for students at Flint Hill to find their service hours.  Now, the Empty Bowls Event on February 24 seems as if it will be a similar opportunity.

Senior Lauren Craige, Co-Leader of the Clay Club, described how, at this event, DC Central Kitchen will be coming to Flint Hill.

“We have 8 years of coordination with them, and they provide the soup for the event,” said Craige.  “Also, all of the proceeds go to them.”

With the trip to DC Central Kitchen and Empty Bowls at Flint Hill, there are always many chances to show support for those in need.