Flint Hill Celebrates International Week

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Flint Hill Celebrates International Week

By Erica Kim, Staff Writer

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Flint Hill’s 2019 International Week started on February 25th, kicking off with fresh California rolls and pho for lunch. Students chose from a variety of traditional foods from the North America, Far East, Middle East, Eastern Europe, and South America. Students not only enjoyed different types of food from around the world, but also appreciated the cultural diversity that exists at Flint Hill School.

Some members of the school were eager to share their opinions and favorite moments.

Freshman Ila Larrazabal exclaimed, “I loved trying all the different foods and experiencing the different cultures in our school. My favorite food was the sushi!”

There was also a photo booth outside of the cafeteria during the week where students took pictures with their friends.

Junior Mahi Rana said, “My favorite part was the photo booth. There was this guy who ran the photo booth outside the cafeteria, and I had so much fun taking silly pictures with my friends.”

The students and teachers alike fell in love with the food and meaning behind this festive week. When we asked teachers what their favorite moments of International Week were and what it meant to them, Ms. Burton, the director of Diversity and Inclusion at Flint Hill, was delighted our community came together to understand the unique ethnic backgrounds of various cultures.

She said, “I would say this year, due to the postponement of the international festival, I had a different feel. I focused on the activities in the Lower School. It was easier to incorporate the ideas of International Week at the Lower School, as students and parents brought food in order to spend time to share their cultures with one another. It was a time to get to know the people behind the flags that are displayed within both schools and have conversations about what makes us all unique. It is an important to take some time to do that.”

Mr. Barker agreed, stating, “The best part of International Week allows students to embrace and flaunt their culture.”

The International Festival, traditionally held on the Saturday of International Week, is an opportunity for Flint Hill families come together to share and represent their countries and their respective cultures. In spite of being postponed, International Week was a astounding success overall.

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