Cybersecurity Club Encourages Students to Pursue STEM Careers

By Cameron Sabet, News Editor

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After months of time-intensive preparation and project-based learning, the Flint Hill CyberPatriot team recently enjoyed a sweet victory.


The  Cybersecurity Club strives to empower students to pursue STEM careers and represents Flint Hill in the Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot competition.


According to Mr. Synder, “[a] total of 2,700 teams across the country try to secure different operating systems against cyber threats. Next year, the cybersecurity club will be adding PICO capture the flag run via UMD. This includes more wide-ranging penetration testing, website vulnerabilities, and password-cracking.”


Junior Devin Host notes that “[t]o prepare for competitions, [the team] mostly looks over notes from last year as well as develops scripts like automated programs that harden the operating system on our command. Using such tactics, [our CyberPatriot team] made it to the National Semifinals.”


Devin Host is taking over as club president for next year and looks to recruit from a talented pool of students to prepare for next year’s competition this September.