New Features are a Hit with Students at Homecoming


By Necati Unsal, Editor

On October 19th, students attended the Flint Hill Homecoming dance. As usual, the Dance was a hit amongst students, with over 100 students attending. The Dance started at 8:00 pm and ended at 11:00 pm. 


This year, alongside a new red carpet theme, came a new DJ. Overall, the DJ was well received with boisterous students dancing and smiling.


Students like Sophomore Armaan Ahluwalia appreciated the sense of a fresh new look on the Homecoming Dance, saying, “It was cool to see new theming in the commons, I thought the red carpet was really cool.” 


Sophomore Alex Meija remarked that, “I really liked the DJ, especially when he played Mo Bamba. It was a lot of fun.”


Being one of the only semi-formal dances of the year, students were able to bring out their best and brightest pieces of wardrobe, mostly wearing blazers and dresses to the dance. 


For those that didn’t want to dance, a new photo booth was the perfect opportunity for students to make lasting memories on Homecoming night. 


In reference to the photobooth, Freshman Summer Jeffrey said, 

“It [the photobooth] was fun because you got to make many photos with your friends, taking four as opposed to the usual one.” 


With such a large amount of new features in the Homecoming Dance this year, it was a great way for Freshmen to get a glimpse at what dances will be like in the future. The idea of new things characterized the dance well, seeing that a fresh new look and some new features are what made the Dance a smashing hit this year. 


Sophomore Marc Sipher stated that, “Although I had felt discouraged in the past from going to dances, taking a meaningful risk this year was all I needed to have a great time with my friends.”

Despite the difficulty in change, the hard work that was put into the dance provided new features that were a hit among students.