P.S. Positivity: On Senior Year Stress

By Cameron Sabet, Contributor

Dear Seniors,

As high school seniors, us “2020 Vision” Huskies often find ourselves frighteningly inundated with the frenzy of college applications, challenging classes, and lengthy (yet exciting) extracurricular schedules. But, how can we manage it?


Every day, I spend thirty minutes exercising and late Sunday afternoons planning out the week. After school, I’ve learned from my friends to prioritize office hours, and often spend time in the Physics C room instead of going home immediately at 2:30 PM. Hanging out with friends during lunch lets me decompress before tackling the rest of my homework.


It’s often easy to assume or infer from passing remarks that our friends all live perfect lives, but they too are working long hours that you’ll never see. Students have charmingly dubbed this phenomenon as “Duck Syndrome,” because on the surface a duck may seem relaxed, but underwater they may be frantically struggling. For the sake of your friends’ mental health and your own, please keep an open line of communication if you feel that your friends are grappling with issues of stress and anxiety.


On the other hand, when the second semester comes, let’s still work hard. Study skills gained from those classes are some of the most important strengths we’ve earned through our rigorous high school education at Flint Hill; as a result, these study skills will directly translate to success in college and beyond.


Most importantly, find time to just be a kid. My advice to our graduating class is to live it up, no matter what challenges come our way this year. After all, you’ll only be a senior once in your whole life!



Cameron J. Sabet