The Arts: Culture vs Credit

By Joy Alemu, Editor

Along with sports, academics, and robotics, the arts are an integral part of the Flint Hill culture. However, it seems that some students only see the arts as a means of getting class credit rather than an innovative way to express oneself. In order to receive a diploma, one must take two semesters in Fine Arts. Coming into the new school year, new students might be wondering what to join based on their interests.

The school offers amazing programs from the beautiful pottery made in ceramics, to the performances of the band, to the cutting-edge programs of the digital arts, and more. There is an art form for everyone to enjoy.

Junior Lily Min, talking about playing in the band, says that “playing in the band gives me space to creatively express myself during the school day.”  Junior Holly Fan, speaking in support of ceramics, said “ceramics is very fun once you get into it. It’s, in fact, relaxing, allowing me to have a break from school work.”

Through the arts, people are able to express themselves and create a community where the students can have a break from their stressful days. In addition to this, the arts can prove to be a program that helps students discover their inner passions.

One example is my story with the digital arts. When I came to Flint Hill, I saw the arts as just another credit. I realized in middle school that I was not proficient when it came to drawing and painting, though I had a very creative mind. After seeing myself fail at trying to match my skin color and more, I tried ceramics, which ultimately was a flop when my intended bowl started looking more like a cracked plate. Therefore, when I came to high school, I thought I would be bad at the arts so I was not sure what to join. In the end, I saw the summary of what the digital arts were and decided to try it, because who knew, maybe I would be surprisingly good at it. And once I tried it, I was hooked! I loved going to class, office hours and working on new designs. It ultimately led me to learn about design internships and understand that though I might not be a good painter, the school offers other art forms in which I can flourish. 

That is why it is important to try the arts and see them as an opportunity rather than a credit. The arts can hone our creative minds and help us express ourselves.