Quarantine and What It Means for High School Students


Credit: Flint Hill Facebook

By Swetha Madiraju, Editor

In March, the government announced that schools have to close for the rest of the academic year. A couple weeks after this, they announced a national lockdown for the entire country. Although this was a smart decision in regards to stopping the spread of the virus, it is having unexpected consequences on the lives of high school students.

We are facing uncharted territory as we head into the next couple of months in our lives. As a high school student myself, I feel very lost, confused, and quite honestly, scared when I think about the future of my high school career. However, it helps me to look at the bigger picture and realize that although I may have to be uncomfortable for a few months, in the long-term, this is the most beneficial solution. 

Everyone has different routines during quarantine. Some of us like to pay more attention to our bodies and start treating them better, whether that means working out more or eating healthier. Others decide that it is time to pick up a new hobby, such as painting, baking, cooking, reading, etc. Many choose to spend all day on their phones, laptops, apps (specifically, TikTok), and that is what comforts them during this confusing period of time.

However, no matter what people choose to do with their time at home, it is evident that we are all in the same position. When you feel alone during this period, just remember that 7 billion people all around the globe are feeling the exact same way as you. If you ever need to feel a sense of community, reach out to your Flint Hill peers and teachers! Remember to take care of your mental, physical, and emotional health during this COVID-19 crisis, and if you ever need assistance, call a mental health hotline to help guide you through your thoughts. 


Mental Health Crisis Hotline: 1-800 442-HOPE (4673) or for online chat http://hopeline.com/

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