Logan Cunningham furthers her triathlon career

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A senior at Flint Hill, Logan Cunningham is nothing short of the natural athlete. After the summer of her eighth grade year at Loudoun Country Day School, Cunningham found a sport that will hopefully carry her through to the collegiate level: Triathlon. A combination of swimming, biking, and running, this sport is quite the test of endurance.

In triathlon, there are age restrictions for the athletes in terms of race distance and eligibility. Cunningham started at the longest distance (olympic distance — 51.5 kilometers) a year before she was technically allowed to, but was granted admission by the President of USA Triathlon. She says her father, Jeremy Cunningham, also a triathlon athlete, was instrumental in her participation at such a competitive distance.

“I wouldn’t have been introduced to the sport had it not been for my dad. He is my number one training partner,” said the Husky. “I can’t run or bike on my own, especially during the summer, so having him with me is so great for bonding and for training together. We push each other so much.”

Cunningham as she poses for a photoshoot for logantri.com

Photo Credit: logantri.com
Cunningham as she poses for a photoshoot for logantri.com

Cunningham currently has four sponsorships that she wears with pride: Fusion Cycles, SOAS Inc. (a women’s triathlon outfitter), The Rudy Project (a sunglasses and helmet manufacturer) , and Zone Three Wetsuits. The sheer number of the sponsorships is exemplary of her talent and grit in this taxing sport. The amount of work Cunningham has put into the sport has added an extra hour and a half to her weeknights and weekends on top of Flint Hill sports and a rigorous course load.

“Balancing FHS sports, school, and triathlon training can be extremely stressful sometimes,” said Logan Cunningham. “Leaving Flint Hill practice and going to a second practice, usually around 9:30 or 10:00 p.m., plus morning practices, and finding time for homework can be a challenge. I take my academics very seriously though, so I make sure to use my free time very wisely.”

Logan Cunningham’s father, as well as her grandfather all participate in triathlons with her. It has become somewhat of a familial phenomena among the Cunninghams to participate in the sport. Their relationship has grown over the years because of it.

“The memories I have in training with my dad and grandad have added a whole other kind of tie to the sport,” said the senior.

However, Logan Cunningham has a younger sister named Grier who is breaking the Cunningham tradition of participating in triathlons.

“Grier has tried all three parts of triathlon,” said the older sister. “She’s both an amazing swimmer and runner, however, she isn’t quite ready to put all three together yet. She’s only nine afterall. My sister actually started playing softball this year and she loves it so much. She picked up on it immediately and she’s playing year round now. I commend her so much for that.”

Logan Cunningham’s time with the sport has fostered a wealth of memories in and out of competition.

“My best memory with the sport had to have been actually within the past few months,” said the young triathlete. “I was biking over a bridge during a race and was hit by a car and left in the middle of the road. There were 21 miles left to bike and six to the run. I did it with broken bones and enough blood on my body to make me look sunburned. My dad helped me all along the way and I have never felt so close to him.”

As of last triathlon season, Logan Cunningham was designated to Team USA to represent the United States at the International Triathlon Union World Championship 2015, an honor that has decorated her triathlon career in ways no race could have.

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