Flint Hill varsity football achieves tremendous victory on Homecoming Day


Photo Credit: Susan S

Gage Herdman, a varsity player on the team, runs down the field to victory.

On Saturday, October 17, the Flint Hill varsity football team blew out its rival Potomac during the annual Homecoming game, ending with an impressive score of 42-0. Still, this was not an out-of-the-ordinary win for the team, as it has performed considerably well throughout the season with an overall record of 6-2.

Though the football team is relatively young (with nearly half of its players being underclassmen), it is led by some strong, seasoned leaders on the field.

While sophomore Lance Cross certainly considers his older brother Ben, to be one of the most vital members of the team, he admires quite a few of his teammates.

“[My brother] doesn’t really talk as much as much as [everybody], [but] he definitely backs his words
up with actions.  [Additionally, senior] Nick Fouty is definitely a leader for the lineman, [and] inspires the younger guys. And, when I think of what a captain is, I think of [senior] Grant Jenkins. He’s…the perfect leader.”

Yet, in way that can’t be compared to any regular season game, there is always something special about the Homecoming each year, partly because it seems as if everyone is there to support. This was evident in part by Flint Hill pare
nts and Huskies who took up all of the available space on the bleachers by the field, shaking their noise-makers and waving their Flint Hill gear. Then, there were the various alumni who walked along the sidelines, watching and cheering on their all-so-familiar home team.

“I think [Homecoming] is great,” said Thomas Verbanic, director of athletic operati

ons and head varsity football coach, “And, as a football team, we have the responsibility of playing the very best we can for alumni and fans.”

And play their best they did as the team lead by 21 points at the end of the first quarter. Still, 14 of those points can be attributed to junior Gage Herdman, who seemed to play his heart out during this very exciting game.

Lance Cross felt that Herdman definitely stood out during the game.

“He’s very, very good player, but he’s never done that before,” said the sophomore. “That was really cool to watch.”  

Verbanic tries to encourage his team to remember that football is still a sport dependent of the work of a team.

“The victory over Potomac was a very good team effort,” said Verbanic. “[Herdman] had an outstanding performance on both sides of the ball, but [he] could not have done it without his teammates. Football is the ultimate team sport and I think our players know that their individual successes only happens when the team works together.”

And, like the Huskies after which they are named, the Flint Hill football players utilized the philosophy of their coach and worked together towards victory.

Before the end of the first half and the subsequent performances by the percussion ensemble and dance team, Flint Hill went on to score 21 more points (7 of these due to another touchdown by Herdman). And with each score, came the rumble of the drumline and shouting of the fans in the bleachers. In their hands, these fans held the large, printed-out faces of multiple senior members of the team and various pom-poms, and shakers. Everyone was there, sitting close to each other, cheering for their loved ones in the most extravagant way they knew how, all as the players cheered each other on after each and every play. And, in the end, it was this sense of community and this support on and off the field that lead to tremendous success the team was able to achieve on Homecoming day.