Flint Hill spring athletics show mixed results


Photo Credit: Victor O'Neil Studios

Senior Victoria Barbessi, and the Varsity Softball have begun practice and scrimmages.

By Shiv Lamba, Staff Writer

With the spring season underway, there is an endless amount of excitement, spirit, and passion surrounding Flint Hill sports teams. All varsity teams, except for two, have winning records halfway through the season.

Varsity Softball is 9-3 and looking forward to numerous teeth-grinding games throughout the rest of the season.

“We’re pumped and ready to kick some butt,” said pitcher and freshman Natalie Plaut.

In an epic comeback, the girls defeated Potomac school on April 12.

“It was crazy. Right off the bat, we were winning four to zero. Then, out of nowhere, they came back and tied the game. Sadly, they increased their lead to nine making it 18 to nine. Everything came down to the last inning and all of a sudden, BOOM! We won 20 to 18. It was so hype nobody could stop screaming,” said Plaut on what was “the biggest game of her life.”

Freshman and second baseman Ar’riyauna Fleming credits the success of Varsity Softball to the entire team rather than any individual player.

“We work together as one team to bring runs, and most importantly, victories, to Flint Hill,” she said.

Varsity Softball’s biggest goals for the rest of the season are to make it to the ISL and state tournaments.

“I think our team has enough power and drive [to accomplish this feat]. We play together really well, and that is our biggest asset,” said Fleming.

Varsity softball is getting ready to play three games a week for the rest of the season, leaving the overall fortune of their season in question. They are looking forward to bringing back the State and ISL Championships.

“We want to win, and we want to represent Flint Hill,” said Plaut.

Varsity softball is not the only team with a winning record and high-flying goals for the rest of the season. Boys Varsity Tennis currently has a  record and is on a journey to win the MAC Championships by the end of this spring season.

“Of the five teams we lost to, two have been Norfolk Academy and Potomac, the number two and three team in the state respectively. And the other three have been tight games that could have gone either way. So, hopefully, we can rally together and win the MAC in the latter half of the year,” said top singles player and junior Devan Geib.

Since starting their season 2-5, the boys have won five matches in a row.

Both Geib and Rohan Sindhwani, sophomore and number four singles player, hope to drive their team to victory and fulfill their goal of taking home the MAC Championship.

“With all our training on and off the court, it would be unfair and tragic to end the season with a losing record and return to Flint Hill without winning the MAC Championship,” said Sindhwani.

Losing an astounding nine seniors from the starting lineup from last year, senior Kylie Kettle, playing for Elon University next year, has done a great job leading the Varsity Girls Lacrosse team to a 7-9 record.

“It was not easy, but with help from the skilled underclassmen, we have been able to give it our all and work together as a team,” said Kettle.

For the rest of the season, the girls lacrosse team hopes to win the state and league tournaments.

“The team’s camaraderie and pursuit for perfection is great. We have a really good shot [at winning the league and States],” says Kettle.

Though their confidence is high, there are numerous games left to be played, so they have to maintain their focus and grind out wins.

The Varsity Boys Lacrosse team has a 8-7 record and a three game win streak.

Senior and captain Aaron Cargas said, “We just need to step up our game and be more proficient on offense. We have the best coaches in the area. We even have some of the best players in the area. We just need to put the pieces together and work as a team.”

Though the lacrosse players have a tough schedule ahead of them, with little time to work on the weak parts of their game, the future seems bright.

“I believe that we are coming back and we are going to win the MAC Championship and make a statement in the State Tournament,” said Cargas.

With their dedicated coaching staff, Cargas and the Varsity Lacrosse team look forward to maintaining their winning record.

With a 14-3 record midway through the season, Khalil Lee, Liberty University commit and starting center fielder, and the rest of the Varsity Baseball team have momentum on their side after Lee hit the game-winning home-run against Sidwell Friends School on April 19.

“I feel like we can beat any team we play,” said the senior.

Though the team is only halfway through the season, they have high expectations for the rest of the season.

“First, we are going to win the MAC tournament because we’re a strong team and that has been one of our goals,” said Lee. “Then we’re going to go down to States, give it our all and see where we get.”

Sophomore, Justin Taylor, has played exceptional defense for the boys varsity baseball team
Photo Credit: Victor O’Neil Studios
Sophomore, Justin Taylor, has played exceptional defense for the boys varsity baseball team

As the expectations heighten, Flint Hill sports expect nothing less than success.