Student athletes spring into action at Springfest


Photo Credit: Photo Cred: Flint Hill 2018 Shutterfly

Varsity Boys’ Baseball player Justin Taylor pitches.

The week prior to the Springfest dance was exciting. Students proposed to one another and made plans for dinner Friday night. After a fun dinner, everyone hit the dance floor. Once everyone was out of energy, they crashed at a friend’s place for the after party. Enough fun for one weekend, right?

Wrong! Flint Hill’s sports teams suited up for entertaining games over the weekend. Fans packed the bleachers to cheer on Flint Hill.

Girls varsity lacrosse kept the fun going and did not disappoint with a 16-1 victory over Wilson High School.  Sophomore midfielder Gina D’Angelo said, “This game [Springfest] will help us gain another win as we finish out the season, and though this game was not a very tough one, it was still nice to see us all work together.”  As for plans for the rest of the season, Girls varsity lacrosse has tough competition for the weeks ahead. They play Saint Stephen’s-Saint Agnes, Holton Arms, and Paul VI. D’Angelo said, “I hope we can continue to work and play as a team in order to keep our record strong.”  Let’s go G-LAX!

Flint Hill Track also had an action-packed weekend as they ran at an invitational meet at St. Albans. Sophomore runner Barrett Harrington broke a school record running the 1600 meter race. The boys 4×800 relay, including sophomore Calvin Lucido, Juniors Charles Stuart and Jack Magner, and Senior John Moxley, placed first at the meet as well.  According to senior sprinter Natalie Johnson, “we [the team] have Drapers, States and the ISL/MAC Championships still to come.”

Varsity boys lacrosse played St. Mary’s Ryken from Maryland on Saturday, April 21. Prior to the game, senior Kevin Cruz said, “we have a good chance of winning.” Unfortunately, the varsity lacrosse team could not pull out the victory. This was disappointing at first for the team.  “If we had won this game, we would have realized our potential and what we can achieve as a team” said Cruz. He continued to say, “If we had won, to me, I would have been so happy. There is nothing better than winning a game in front of the people who support us on a day to day basis.” However, this served as motivation for the team. Cruz is motivated to play every game “like it’s our last game ever together, and from there, success will begin to show.”

Varsity baseball played an intense game that same day at 1:00 pm. Benedictine was 15-1 when they played the Huskies. They are now sporting a 18-1 record and are currently ranked number one in the state. Despite this, junior catcher Larry Albert Rice said, “I feel like we could beat any team we played if we played to our potential.” Unfortunately, Flint Hill varsity baseball barely lost in a nail-biting game, 4-3. Varsity baseball hopes to move forward from this defeat and finish the season strong.

Rice elaborated on the key to the Huskies’ success down the road. “We need to beat the teams that we know we should beat,” he said, “and we need to compete with everyone. We need to get better, and look forward and play our hardest every game.”

Whether it be the dance, pictures, dinner, or a win, this Springfest will surely be one to remember.  As Springfest comes to an end, the victories won and the lessons learned remain. After all, there is no better feeling than bringing home a win at home.  Though Springfest games have come and gone, every athlete is still grinding, ready to bring home an ISL, MAC, or State championship this year.