Spring Sports


Flint Hill Varsity Boys Lacrosse huddles along the side line

By Avi Lamba, Sports Editor

Flint Hill’s spring sports teams are almost finished with their respective seasons. The teams have developed greatly, and the players have improved immensely. Teams are still focused on performing well, as there are key games left in the season. All the players are focusing upon continuing their seasons. Flint Hill’s spring sports program has improved morale in the school with great performances by all the teams.

The Boys Varsity Baseball team has an overall record of 11-7 and a league record of 5-2. Although the team lost key individuals this past year, the team’s development has been fantastic.

“Every game, you can hear the dugout roaring,” said junior Thomas Freireich, one of the new editions to the team this year.

The Boys Varsity Lacrosse team has an overall record of 5-7 and a league record of 3-1. While they have not performed as well as expected, the team has undergone significant change. There were over ten seniors on the team last year, so there are many new players on the team this year.

“Ya, it’s been really chill this season, and I am on the Varsity team. The biggest difference I have noticed between the team this year and the team last year is that there is much more physicality. I have been in the weight room a lot more this past year, and I think it is paying off,” said Junior Tyler Swain.

Meanwhile, the Girls Varsity Lacrosse team has an overall record of 9-2 and a league record of 7-1.

The Girls Varsity Softball team has an overall record of 8-3 and a league record of 5-0. Experienced senior Natalie Plaut has performed very well and has helped the team progress greatly. They are currently at the top of their league.

Both the Boys and Girls Track teams have had had great seasons. There have been many new additions to the team this year, and all the athletes have made considerable progress. Not only have they performed well at competitions, but they also have developed as people.

Sophomore runner Isaiah Jackson states: “I feel like I’m flying with my spikes on. Our team has come a long way and developed as a group. The coaches have been really supportive of my development as a person. I loved doing track this year, and I look forward to doing it next year.”

The senior runners have played a big role in the Track team’s success this year. While they perform well, they have led the young runners with experience and confidence.

Another sophomore runner, Tyler Nguyen, comments, “The senior runners have helped us come along. Trenaj [Mongo] has taught me how to run with more confidence. Participating in track was a great experience, but we are still training. To say in short, I got a lot faster.”

Overall, this season has been great! Not only has morale in the school picked up, but also the weather too. While the spring sports season is the shortest, it seems to always capture the most joy in our school as summer approaches. Hopefully Flint Hill’s spring sports teams can end the season favorably.