Football wins third consecutive MAC Championship

By Alessandro Silvia, Contributor

On Saturday, November 2, 2019, the Flint Hill School football team won the Mid-Atlantic Conference Championship for the third consecutive year. In a grueling game, Flint Hill managed to beat the Potomac Panthers 35-3, completing their season and leaving them undefeated in the MAC (4-0). Even though the team did not win the State Championship, the MAC championship is an indication of the strong season the team had. 


When asked about the win, Senior Yash Mehta ‘20, a returning player, said that “even though we didn’t win another state championship, it was a great way to end the season. The seniors have left a legacy of two undefeated state championships, the most wins of any class at Flint Hill, which led to a great conclusion of all of our football careers.” 


When interviewed, Mehta said that when he graduates, he will miss the great success he experienced at Flint Hill. While there is no ring this year for him, the MAC championship still meant a lot. 


Unlike the score might reflect, the game was relatively close up until the last quarter. The Huskies led 7-3 in the second quarter and then managed to score two touchdowns in the final few minutes of the first half. Finally, the Huskies managed to score two fourth-period touchdowns to secure the win. 


When asked about the crowd, Junior Jerry Gao mentioned that “a lot of people came to the Flint Hill v. Potomac game because they want to see us beat Potomac. We could have had more people, but the support was still very good.” 


This message of support was one of the guiding factors of the victory as Junior Yaj Mehta said it helped him “gain so much self-confidence.” 


Hopefully, in the future, Flint Hill can continue its dominance in the MAC and garner more and more support from fans and fellow students.