Huskies Continuing Their Athletic Seasons At Home

By Necati Unsal, Editor

Despite having to socially distance, members of Flint Hill athletic teams have been able to keep up while at home. Whether it’s football or track and field, athletes have found unique ways to stay in shape.  

Some members of the track team have been continuing to run like sophomore Miles Stewart. “I’ve been eating healthy, and done some cross training and running around my neighborhood,” said Stewart.

When asked why he thinks it’s important for other athletes to continue practicing, Stewart said, ”Although it’s hard during the quarantine, It’s important to make sure you are staying active and eating healthy to be prepared to eventually get prepared for the next season.”

Some members of the football team have begun their pre-season even while online. Junior Jerry Gao reflected on the practices: “I love how the coaches and the teammates are really invested in getting better for the next season.” 

Gao said there is a chance that his team may not even practice in the fall. “There could be a chance that we do not have a season next fall but everyone is being really hopeful about it. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, we have team workouts and every Monday and Thursday, we have team meetings.”

Other athletes have joined in on the weekly workout sessions with FHS coaches like Sophomore Cooper Brown. “Every Friday, I look forward to my weekly workout with Coach Sal! During quarantine, I’ve been focused on self-improvement, and that includes working out or getting exercise whenever I can. Coach Sal’s routine has been crucial in motivating me to keep pushing myself!” Brown said.

Despite our current circumstances, Huskies have found ways to continue their seasons even while at home.