Being a High School Senior During the Pandemic with Avishka Boppudi

By Abi Baker, Contributor

In an interview with former SCA President Avishka Boppudi ‘20, she talks about what it was like to be a senior in high school during the pandemic, how it has affected her, and how she lives her life now. 


In the pre-coronavirus world, Avishka was always busy. As SCA President, she spent every day dedicating her time to others. She could be seen at every game, pep rally, and dance, trying to make the best out of her last year at Flint Hill. She said, “during quarantine, I realized how much I prioritized my friends and leaving the house and have learned spending time with myself is important.” 


Avishka is attending The College of William & Mary in the fall, but with so much uncertainty, she is preparing for the worst. Nothing scares her anymore.  She said, “so much has been taken away already, so I won’t really care if the virus takes away more”. After 13 years at Flint Hill, it was easy for her to say goodbye to high school. Flint Hill’s efforts for the senior class, including virtual graduation, parades, and signs have made her feel better about not being able to finish school traditionally. Like all seniors around the world, going to college is already a nerve-racking thing for her, but not being able to experience campus life to the fullest extent is, she says, “a lot harder to face.”


What we are all experiencing now is so hard to comprehend, but when Avishka will tell her future kids about this, she says she’ll tell them that “the craziest part was being scared to interact with humans.” That fear being a huge part of all of our lives, and, she says, “having to adjust your whole life,” was very difficult. In a matter of days, her whole life changed: her room became her classroom, dance studio, and where she spends most of her time. 


To both incoming and current high school students, her advice is to not set any expectations, especially now. No one has any idea of when a vaccine will come out, let alone if we will be able to resume classes for the full year. Taking advantage of the time you do have with your classmates, teachers, and friends will be the best thing you can take away from high school. She said that by the end of the school year, the smallest things made her happy. Whether it was a drive-by birthday celebration or a visit from Klondike and Mr. Thomas, she was grateful. Ending the year with the senior sunset was the closure she needed.  Although it wasn’t what they expected, it was a great way to end the year. 


No matter how the next academic year will start for Avishka, she is excited to meet new people and start the next chapter of her life. On behalf of Flint Hill, we are all so proud of you, Avishka, and what you have accomplished in your last years at Flint Hill. Congratulations, and good luck!