The Bigger Problem: Students are to Focus on the Future Rather than the Present

By Jerry Gao, Editor

After reading the article: “How to Normalize the College Search Process for Juniors,” I drafted a response expressing how relatable I felt as a rising senior in high school. Canceled SATs, college counseling events, and college representative visits nevertheless added to the preexisting stress of the application process.


However, I deleted this response at the moment of my awakening. I recalled our last fire drill where, on our way to the parking lot, countless juniors were talking about canceled SATs, and a different, perhaps more rigorous, college application process. Though this sounded more than ordinary at the time, upon looking back, this was absurd. More people were talking about the college application process than the pandemic. 


I realized a bigger problem, far more significant than the college application process: we were so focused on the future that we lost track of the present. It seemed as if the rising seniors in school prioritized the impact of the college process over the effects of the pandemic. 


What legacy would we leave if the pandemic suddenly perished all of us? Surely, it wouldn’t be our perfect SAT scores, and not even the colleges we got accepted into. Our legacy would be our contributions to the community. 


From now on, as young adults, we must think more about how we could aid the COVID response rather than focusing on how we could boost our chances of college admission. It’s crucial to focus on the present.