Top 5 ways to make money while social distancing

By Nicholas Matsukas, Contributor

During these crazy times you may be struck with boredom or a lack of motivation.  A way you can fix that and also pick up a little bit of pocket change is by getting a summer job.  Here are my top 5 ways you could make money this summer while social distancing. Personally, I have done work for neighbors this summer but I would still recommend that everyone tries at least one of the jobs on this list!


  1. Virtual tutoring:  Virtual tutoring is a great way to make a lot of money without coming in contact with anyone.  It is an indoor, at-home job which makes it enjoyable and attainable for most teenagers. All you need is your computer, knowledge of the subject you are teaching, and a client base.
  2. Yard work for your neighbors:  Going door to door asking for odd jobs and yard work is a great source of income.  You will learn about advertising yourself and hard work as it is hard, hot work, but a great summer job.
  3. Working at local outdoor businesses:  Working for businesses will give a better sense of what it is like to work for a company.  It is a good experience for future jobs, and also a solid source of income.
  4. Resale: Resale is a HUGE market. You can buy an item for a small price and resell with a larger price for just about anything.  Some of the most popular items that you can resell are sneakers and clothing.  It is a great way to make money and learn how to market products.
  5. Mask making:  Mask making is a great job because you will pick up a new skill if you don’t already know how to sew.  Between learning a new lifelong skill, making money, and aiding your community’s COVID response, mask making is one of the best jobs you can have at this time.