Mr. Kohlhagen as the Rat King

Mr. Kohlhagen as the Rat King

By Nia Ashenafi, Section Editor


Every day, students walk down to the history hallway to ask for help with work, talk about current events, and share jokes with Upper School history teacher Kristoff Kohlhagen. But what some people do not know about Mr. Kohlhagen is about his experience and love of the arts. For the fourth time, Mr. Kohlhagen was a part of Flint Hill’s annual Nutcracker performance, reprising his role as the Rat King.


The Rat King was the main antagonist of the ballet adaptation of The Nutcracker. The Rat King is the oppressive ruler, whose goal is to rule over the kingdom. When asked why he continues to participate as the Rat King, Mr Kohlhagen, responded with his trademark humor, saying that he is “one who becomes the character before performing, and since I live in Washington, DC, where there is a rat problem, I observe them to get into character.” 


Although Mr. Kohlhagen loves to joke around; he does have a fair amount of acting experience, and that experience definitely shows during his performances. For example, he has filmed commercials for anti-tobacco companies.


Mr. Kohlhagen truly appreciates the multiple art programs and opportunities at Flint Hill. From dance, to theater, to choir there are always activities for students to explore and get involved in. Kohlhagen adds that, “At Flint Fill there is so much freedom to express and find your true self!” You can see this idea being displayed through the wonderful opportunities that have reappeared as things settle back to normal, this school year.