One-Act Plays at Flint Hill

By Amelia Vineyard, Deputy Editor

The Flint Hill Upper School Theatre Development is once again presenting its annual One-Act Productions. The One-Acts are student-led productions that are only thirty minutes long in comparison to a regular play. The entirety of the play is directed and managed by student leadership, and this year Logan Wagner (22) and Briget Cook (23) are directing the two distinct plays. Abby Lyons, a junior, acting in Wagner’s play elaborates on what is so special about the One-Acts: “The way that our teachers trust us to make all the decisions, complete free-reign, is super cool. We’re just creating art.” 

The One-Acts definitely gives theatre students an excellent opportunity to use their creativity in many different forms. Students work as the directors, stage managers, actors, and technicians during the process of producing the plays: “It’s a really fun experience”, Abby says, “I’m really proud of Brigit and Logan. I’m so proud of the work they’ve done this year. It’s really impressive.” 

The One-Acts mark a relieving transition back into normalcy within the Theatre program. While productions still take into account COVID-19 productions, their very existence signifies a new dawn for the theatre at Flint Hill. The return to tradition is incredibly special for the many talented performers and artists within the community: “I’m really excited to see what they come up with. There’s a lot of talented kids in the cast, and I’m excited to see all of the young talents we have in the Flint Hill Theatre Department,” says Abby. 

Whether or not you are interested in seeing a prime example of Flint Hill student leadership, talented actors, or just enjoying a fun production, the One-Acts are a great way to spend some of your free time. Coming soon to the theater, all of the actors, directors and technicians are excited to showcase their exceptional creativity!