Flint Hill Students Perform in Annual Arts Jam


By Gideon Bobb-Semple, Section Editor

The Arts Jam was an immersive and captivating experience that perfectly embodied the Flint Hill spirit. As an avid advocate for student art, I found it very inspiring to see young artists create art that inspires other artists to follow their passion to make art. My first interviewee, Junior Nina Laurie, was a performer at the Arts Jam. She sang a solo and performed a Les Miserables medley. In our interview, she mentioned that “Arts Jam was a great experience and a moment to bond with my friends and other fellow Arts Jammers. It was tiring but all worth it in the end, and the real stage experience is one that I’ll remember for years to come.” 

Art is an undervalued necessity of the world. It allows people to showcase their creative imagination through a series of outlets. Musical artists are beautifully able to express emotion through rhythm and the patterned cadences of their work. In addition to this, music is a great way to connect on a deeper level with audiences. Artists can convey stories through their work, provoking passion for their audiences as they listen to the synchrony of how the sounds flow and the spirit behind the writing of the music. 

My next interviewee, Junior Lena Bruck, had this to say about the Arts Jam: “It was great to watch the performances, and see all of the hard work that my friends put into the show. Every student shared their undeniable talents with the Flint Hill community”. Not only did students and their families attend the event, but teachers and their families also did as well. In fact, many teachers were discussing the events with their colleagues and in their classes. The Arts Jam is one of the biggest events in the Flint Hill community, and that is proven to be true with excitement. The show was a success this year, and the rest of the Flint Hill Huskies and I are excited for the next one!