Upper School Fall Play Based on the Board Game Clue


By Serene Zhu, Section Editor

This fall, the Upper School play is inspired by a murder mystery game: Clue. Flint Hill students auditioned on Tuesday, September 6 and Wednesday, September 7. Freshman Maisie Herrick, who is playing the French maid Yvette, voiced her thoughts on how her audition went, saying that, “at first, I was a little nervous about it since I’ve never done anything to do with theater before, but when I started acting, I got into the flow of it and it was easier then.”


School plays give Flint Hill students the opportunity to let their creativity loose and pursue their passions in theater. The Upper School produces two unique performances each year, varying from dramas to comedies. “I’m very excited for the play,” says freshman Gwen Myers, who will be playing Mr. Boddy. “We have an incredible cast and crew assembled here. It’s going to be one of the biggest turnouts for a Flint Hill play, because we have a double cast, so it’s gonna be running for multiple nights. Tell people to bring their friends and go both nights. It’s gonna be insane.” 


This year’s cast and crew brilliantly showcases Flint Hill’s theater talent. Everyone is excited to see them take the stage in a few months.