Upcoming US Play Clue to be Performed Four Times by a Double Cast


By Serene Zhu, Section Editor

The Flint Hill community is very excited for this Fall’s upcoming play production. The humor-filled “whodunit” murder mystery (based on the 1985 film and Hasbro board game), Clue, will be brought to the stage a total of four times. Freshman Aitana Erazo says, “I think the Clue play is going to be a big success because of all the talented actors they’re casting. Some of them are my friends.” Another interviewee, freshman Erin McClements said, “I really love how they’re putting so much effort into perfecting the play.”


There will be a double cast and they will each be performing two rounds:


Blue cast

Friday, October 28, 7pm 

Saturday, October 29, 2pm


Green cast

Saturday, October 29, 7pm

Sunday, October 30, 2pm


Performances are held in the Hazel Lower School campus, inside the Olson theater. Although tickets are free to everyone, making a reservation can better ensure a seat. 


The cast has been rehearsing in the learning commons after school, and sometimes even on weekends. Students passing by the glass doors will often stop to watch. From actors to stage directors, everyone has been working hard to bring the board game to life. “Rehearsals have been so fun, I love being in the cast and I love being able to act out a role that I enjoy”, says freshman Maisie Herrick, who will be playing Yevette in the green cast.


Flint Hill’s actors cannot wait to take the stage. So, clear your schedule, and prepare for the performance of a lifetime!