2022 Fall Dance Show: Kaleidoscope


Photo Credit: Maggie Lytton

By Divya Bhungalia, Section Editor

During this school year, we’ve experienced a plethora of different changes, such as the dress guidelines, school lunches, and many more. The Arts departments have had some changes as well, which includes the shift from the fall dance show being the Nutcracker to instead being a collection of dances. This year’s fall dance production is called Kaleidoscope, A Celebration of Dance. There are three different dance classes that the Flint Hill Fine Arts department provides, Introduction to Dance and Advanced Dance which is combined with Dance Honors. Both of these classes spent the past two months learning and practicing three different dances each. The styles they learned were ballet, jazz, and contemporary. 

Upper School dance instructor Ariel Harper said her favorite part of the show was tech week. “It was the first time the two classes got to work together, and the older dancers who have been in a show were really helpful for the younger ones,” said Harper. She also mentioned that with her first experience in the Olson Theater, she is “prepared for more shows at Flint Hill.” 

The next show featuring the dancers from the fine arts classes will be Arts Jam in the Spring, so please make sure to head out to George Mason campus to watch all of the fine arts come together for what we already know will be a fabulous performance!