Painting Souvenirs of the Past


By Nia Ashenafi, Editor in Chief

Flint Hill is home to many artists and creators with an unyielding passion for their individual art forms. We have an amazing art program with many opportunities for students to pursue their interests and passions. AP Portfolio Art is offered to students who make it through the art program path, and is one of the most advanced art classes at Flint Hill. AP Art Teacher Nikki Brugnoli divides the studio into separate sections so each of these advanced artists can experience having a creative space for themselves. Throughout the year, these students aim to create a portfolio centered around a single theme for the AP exam, but, more importantly, to dive into their respective art forms.


Senior and AP Portfolio Art student Dyuthi Harikar decided on the theme of memories for this year. Using paintings and charcoal drawings, she explores different mediums and techniques to deeply explore this theme. Harikar adds, “this class is special because even though I don’t entirely have a singular style or plan, I have the freedom to figure it out.” 


Currently Harikar is working on pieces about childhood and family memories, specifically with her mother and grandfather. Currently, she has created a piece embodying her lack of memories with her grandfather since his passing. These moments have been captured beautifully by Harikar and are just the beginning of her portfolio. These pieces will be on display during the art exhibition in the spring, where all artists around the campus are highlighted. 


In the future, Harikar wants to study social sciences in college and possibly pre-law. Her passion for art sprouted from the first art class she took in freshman year and she continues to enjoy the experience the program provides for her!