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Should Financial Literacy be Taught in Schools?
By Serene Zhu

Many students complain that they don’t see themselves ever using the skills they learn in certain classes in school. However, this would never...

Can Money Buy You Happiness?
By Grace Semko, Managing Editor

Growing up in the United States, I have always thought about the “American Dream.” In other words, to have a successful life, you must have...

Flint Hill Prom: Why So Late?
By Lauren Fairchild, Section Editor

  Prom: the stereotypical high school event that’s usually placed toward the beginning of spring. Students are given the opportunity...

Flint Hill Students to Perform Comedy Lend Me a Tenor This Fall

This autumn, the Flint Hill Theater Production will be performing the three time Tony Award winning comedy, Lend Me a Tenor. The production once again features a double cast, similar to last year’s Clue. Performances will be taking place on October 28th, 29th, and 30th. “It’s such a talented group of kids,” says Theatre Arts Teacher and Director of Theatre Arts Productions Jaclyn McLoughlin. “Working with them is just fantastic.”

Lend Me a Tenor follows the general manager of an opera, Saunders, and his assistant, Max, as they prepare for the performance of Tito Merelli, also known as Il Stupendo, a famous tenor singer. The preparation goes awry when Saunders and Max believe Merelli has died, forcing them to improvise in an attempt to save the show.

The production was originally created by Ken Ludwig and was first presented to an audience in 1985, with director Larry Carpenter at the stead. It went to Broadway in 1989, directed by Jerry Zaks. When asked about the choice of the fall production, McLoughlin said of the play, “It’ll make you laugh, and making people laugh is such a privilege in today’s day and age.” 

The cast of Lend Me a Tenor are excited to showcase the fall play this October. “I’m excited to see how people will like the play,” says sophomore Chloë Brahman-Kittner, “I think it’s interesting. It’s really funny as well.” The Flint Hill theater program has always created wonderful performances, and this autumn’s production promises to be no different.

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