Passionate Poetry: Poetry Out Loud at Flint Hill
Photo Credit: Tim Tang

Passionate Poetry: Poetry Out Loud at Flint Hill

As the second quarter kicked off and the year officially unfolded, the Flint Hill English department opened Poetry Out Loud to the student body. An annual tradition for the Flint Hill community, Poetry Out Loud provides students the liberty of choosing a poem and practicing for an in-class recitation. By working to improve public speaking skills and memorization tactics, students grew both as students and as members of the Flint Hill student body. After participating in a friendly in-class competition, a few select participants moved on to a school-wide competition. Transcending class levels, students compete to move onto a larger, regional competition. 

After speaking to various members of the school community, the level of this event’s importance became clear. During a discussion with Upper School English Teacher Dr. Mike Anderson, he provided a quote on the event’s vitality: “Poetry Out Loud engages students in a common performance project and strengthens both literary and public speaking skills.” After a continued conversation with him, it became clear how much students value this experience. Although initially apprehensive, many students come out of the experience grateful for the opportunity. Further, Dr. Anderson commented, “Many of my students were very passionate about the activity. This is the first year that students in AP Language have pursued Poetry Out Loud, and I’m happy that the activity is starting to make students excited.” We are excited to see Poetry Out Loud grow over the coming years. 

Then, while speaking to English Department Chair Dr. Maia Schmidt about the event, she provided a powerful quote, saying “At least three quarters of the upper school took part, and 25 kids participated in the final whole school round. We are currently participating in finals, and regionals are in February. Flint Hill has been doing Poetry Out Loud for about 17 years. We did it even during Covid, and I think it was a sign of perseverance through COVID-19, of us not giving up. Many students seem to do better than they expect themselves to, so I’m glad that they found a new confidence.” After speaking with Dr. Schmidt, it can be said that Flint Hill grows as a community thanks to events like Poetry Out Loud. 

 Finally, after talking to Sophomore Stella Randall, a final quote locks down the benefits this activity brings to the FHS Community: “I feel more confident after Poetry Out Loud; I feel like it helps me grow as a student, and I’m excited to participate next year.” 

After talking to a plethora of members of the Flint Hill community, both faculty and staff, it is safe to say that Poetry Out Loud is a powerful and vital part of growth as a school body. 

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