Dust Yourself (and everything else) Off


By Isobel Matsukas, Editor-in-Chief

There is no time like the present to dust yourself off along with everything around you for the spring season! Having cleaner spaces has been proven to improve mood, productivity, and creativity – everything we need to finish this year off strongly. A messy room and work space creates underlying stress that we might not even acknowledge as something that’s weighing us down, but it’s there. Create a list of spaces, and drawers, you would like to deep clean and organize and try to tackle one a day in order to comprehensively create a better space around you. Once this is off of your plate, your mind will be more at ease and able to focus on other tasks at hand, and it will have room to practice creativity. This will also help you experience improved sleep because first of all, you aren’t in a messy space that is nagging you to clean it, and you’ll be more relaxed.

There are also physical benefits to a cleaner space. Once your carpets are vacuumed and shelves are dusted, there’s less dirt and dust that may cause allergies and slight discomfort, you might not even realize it’s there if your body has gotten used to it. Having a physically organized space will also help you be more productive in the sense that you’ll know where everything is kept.


Not only can spring cleaning help you finish this year in a “happihealthy” way, but dusting off your hiking boots, flip flops, whatever it is to get you outside, can also help. Remember a year ago when virtual school first started and family walks were daily occurrences? Let’s bring all of the good parts of quarantine back: the extra time spent outdoors, learning new recipes, and time spent talking on the phone to friends and family. Finishing this year off strong will allow summer to feel even better as it will be well deserved so grab your duster and start cleaning your space, your mind will follow.