Writers Day

Writers Day

Last week, writers, creative minds, and the general student body came together at Flint Hill to celebrate National Writer’s Day and acknowledge the winners of the various writing activities both in-school and community-wide. On the 28th of February, the Upper School student body attended a special town meeting where a special guest, award-winning author and illustrator Gareth Hinds, shared some insight into his creative process. As students engaged in a memorable and innovative group writing workshop, Mr. Hinds explained how he grew to become a stronger author and worked to spread his name. Tips on how to deal with literary procrastination and writer’s block were notable takeaways for students school-wide. By showing the steps of his creative process, Mr. Hinds provided a great example of drive and motivation for all students in attendance. 

Looking at the more competitive aspect of Writer’s Day, various writing events like the Richard Rouse Essay Contest and the two creative writing contests between the 9th and 10th-grade classes, and the 11th and 12th-grade classes. In regards to how powerful writing can be, creative writing contest winner and senior Ida Guerami said, “I’m so grateful for our English department and the teachers I’ve had over these four years. Without the encouragement of my teachers, I would not have submitted my pieces over the past few years, nor would I have been as engaged in the humanities. Writers Day and these contests allow students to be recognized in an area typically overlooked.” In Guerami’s moving piece, You Only Hear Me Because The Rest Are Silent, she successfully accentuates the beauty and versatility writing possesses. 

After interviewing another of Flint Hill’s writers, Senior Amelia Vineyard stated how Writer’s Day helped her grow, she said “I think having the chance to enter a writing competition is such a great opportunity for all students. I’m super grateful I can have such encouraging support that has made me a better writer.” All Flint Hill students can learn from Vineyard’s gratitude and driving spirit. 

Ultimately, Flint Hill’s annual celebration of National Writer’s Day is a great way for all students to not only grow as literary artists and creative minds but also to develop and learn from other members of the student body. By competing with other writers, students can strengthen their drive and ambition.

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