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The School Newspaper of Flint Hill School

The View

The School Newspaper of Flint Hill School

The View

The School Newspaper of Flint Hill School

The View

Husky Headlines: A Student Body Success In The Making
By Lauren, Fairchild

“Students value personable experiences that can make them smile and be entertained after a stressful day of school”, said Junior PJ Lyons,...

Kaleidoscope Fall Dance Production
Kaleidoscope Fall Dance Production
By Serene Zhu, Section Editor

The Upper School’s 2023 Fall Dance production Kaleidoscope, A Celebration of Dance, was a huge success. “Kaleidoscope was very fun, and I...

Revealing Flint Hills Notorious Garfield Artist
Revealing Flint Hills Notorious Garfield Artist
By Nia Ashenafi, Editor in Chief

If you have recently walked down the academic hallways, you may have caught a glimpse of the Garfields drawn on the whiteboards in the classroom....

Behind The Scenes of The Learning Center

The following is quoted from Flint Hill’s website on the Learning Center: “We recognize and celebrate that each student is unique and learns differently. With small classes and attention to every student, we are able to individualize learning and teach to each student’s strengths.”

 Flint Hill is constantly working to better every student’s education. They strive to make their environment as comfortable as possible. With these goals in mind, Flint Hill offers the Learning Center as a place that helps students thrive and excel. It can specialize in specific subjects, but its primary goal is to create easily accessible learning support. 

The Learning Center is crucial to a student experience, but what makes it so helpful are those who are staffed and specialize in the Learning Center. These individuals create the in-person contact that genuinely helps the students thrive and excel. I had the opportunity to conduct an interview with one of these specialists, Upper School Learning Specialist Stephanie Batbouta, where she shared the importance of her job and what she feels those within and outside the Flint Hill community should know. 

When asked why this field is essential, Mrs. Batbouta shared many critical insights. She explained that in every environment, there will be obstacles. Understanding how the brain works is essential to helping students in addition to working to assist them with their goals, overcoming the obstacles that face them now, and preparing for the ones that will occur in the future. “Everybody has different skills in what they need to do to bolster their confidence. We want to recognize and celebrate that each student is unique and they learn differently”, said Batbouta. 

Having in-person contact and face-to-face experience really does influence a student. The learning center is constantly finding new ways to help students and learn more about today’s challenges inside and outside the classroom. Mrs. Batbouta highlighted that “We are constantly reflecting and researching to improve our craft to individualize the student’s needs so they can be successful in the classroom.” 

The Learning Center is very important to Flint Hill’s values. It demonstrates the importance of understanding students and creating an environment where they can thrive and feel accepted. These traits would never be possible without the Learning Center specialists who provide help and support and stay with these students throughout their high school careers. Stephanie Batbouta ended her interview with a heartwarming anecdote: “I always ask my seniors at the end of their high school career if they remember where they were as a freshman, and they always laugh in disbelief at how far they have come and developed, I love seeing their smile.”

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