Husky Headlines: A Student Body Success In The Making

“Students value personable experiences that can make them smile and be entertained after a stressful day of school”, said Junior PJ Lyons, Co-founder of Husky Headlines, after being asked what inspired him and his friends to start the program. This year, a group of students came together and brought back a club that had been left behind two years ago. They wanted to continue the club but also make it their own. Creating weekly videos and entertainment, Husky Headlines has connected and amused the Flint Hill community. 

Previously, the club had been about the school’s current events and activities. This year, the club was transformed into a whole new concept. During advisory time, students get the chance to watch each week’s edition of the Husky Headlines. Editions have included student and teacher interviews, fun information, games, and more. From our Upper School principal trying to guess types of cottage cheese to students sharing their insights about school events, the student body is able to participate and engage with one another while also having a lot of fun. Students can actively sign up for the club to be a part of the video editing and activities, but even outside of the club, students at Flint Hill are still engaged. 

 After speaking to Junior Cooper Wesley, one of the co-founders of Husky Headlines, what he values most about the club is its positive impact: “I’m really happy that it’s connected students and made advisory time even more enjoyable.”

 This exciting series engages Flint Hill students and makes them laugh, giving them time to relax. “I really look forward to watching them each week, and I love watching my friends being interviewed,” said Junior Arti Marzban. “I find each edition really fun and think it’s a good way for students to connect with each other,” said junior Natalie Panizo. Husky Headlines has really become something more than videos: it has become a part of the Flint Hill community.

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