Revealing Flint Hills Notorious Garfield Artist

Revealing Flint Hills Notorious Garfield Artist

If you have recently walked down the academic hallways, you may have caught a glimpse of the Garfields drawn on the whiteboards in the classroom. From drinking a cup of coffee to taking a nap, Garfield has been seen living his life in the classrooms of some of our favorite teachers. The artist of the auspicious drawings is a senior, Clara Stevens, who has made it a joyful hobby to share her Garfields across the school. 

When asked why she started drawing Garfields, Clara replied, “I think I started drawing Garfield at the beginning of my junior year because I was having a lot of fun with whiteboard work and other cartoons like the Peanut characters.” Many Flint Hill teachers have definitely impacted Clara’s desire to draw the cartoons because soon, “people started asking…so I went to draw them in their classrooms.” Teachers like Walsh, Kohlhagen, Hill, and Anderson love Clara’s depictions of the famous cartoon character.

Photo Credit: Paulina Dackiw

Although this hobby started in her junior year, Clara has been surrounded by art for much longer. Clara says, “In middle school, I would teach my mom’s friends younger children lessons for fun.” In high school, Clara continued developing her artistic skills by taking Art I II and II, and she is currently taking portfolio art. In portfolio art, students expand on a theme, and this year, Clara is focusing on “familial relationship with an emphasis on siblings and nurturing children.” She adds that she has recently “loved doing live drawings of siblings” as they are a significant aspect of her portfolio this year. She has also asked the faculty if they were comfortable using the families as models. “I am doing one of Ms. Buckner’s, and I will be doing one of Mr. Kolhagen’s and his family’s as well.” Clara fondly mentioned that “at the end of the year, they can see themselves in the show.” The art show is a grandiose occasion where the artists at Flint Hill are able to show off their years of work, so coming to support them in the spring is always encouraged!

As for the iconic cat Garfield, Clara says it was a random fixation that started last school year. Currently, Clara “love[s] Garfield and the comics,” which factors into why he is the main feature of her whiteboard images. But in addition to being infatuated with Garfield himself, Clara also understands that the lasagna-loving cat “lightens the mood while making the school feel more lived in and like a community.” 

Since she is a senior, the thought of college has been on her mind, and Clara has decided to apply to both art and standard colleges. She has been looking into colleges that allow dual majors in the arts and sciences, such as Tufts University. At the year’s end, Clara plans to look at her acceptances to decide what kind of school to attend for her college career. Besides Art, Clara is looking into the Biochemistry and Environmental Engineering majors. Students interested in both the Fine Arts and the Sciences are rare to find, but Clara flourishes in both and aspires to have them be an essential part of her professional life.

In addition to being an active student in class, Clara is also the book club president! The club just finished the “psychological fiction novel The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides. Clara adds that it was a “page-turner filled with twists.” The next club meeting will include a discussion of the novel, snacks, and time for the members to vote on the next book. 

In all, Clara’s personable and artistic talents add to the community to ensure that Flint Hill is a beloved space. Walking into classrooms with Garfield creates a bright aura that helps in making school a positive space. We will all continue to look forward to Clara’s drawings before her graduation in the Spring!

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