Summer Jobs Amidst The Pandemic

By Gideon Bobb-Semple, Section Editor

There are many students that are wanting to start work this summer. Resumes are starting to get written and applications are being submitted. However, a copious amount of teenagers and other people seeking work are wondering if they are required to get a vaccine for some jobs. Other people are curious as to how the workflow will be with the virus still present in the world. I am planning on working as a counselor at a summer camp, and I have been wondering the same thing since I am going to be working with children. I interviewed a few students at Flint Hill who are planning or hoping to have a job this summer. 

My first interviewee wanted to remain anonymous but is hoping to have a job this summer and is really wanting to make money so she can buy herself some new shoes. She prefers to have an online job but would be very grateful and happy if she were to obtain an in-person job as well. One in-person job she thinks would be very fun to work at is “Build-A-Bear.” She mentions that she would love to have a job that can set up her future career, like an internship. She also comments that she would love to intern for Congress, and if that happens, she said the experience would be worth more than getting paid. 

My next interviewee is sophomore Julian Amankwah, he is really excited to work and is hoping he can work this summer. He has had a job before, but loves the work environment and would like to continue working this summer. He states that he would like to work at Walmart, as it is convenient for him and the job offers scholarships. He thinks it can be very beneficial for his future in college. He also mentioned that it is a good-paying job. He is ready to get to work as soon as possible and is sending in his resume and application soon. 

My next interviewee is sophomore Hana Abuhamda who would also like to get a job this summer. She would like to work at Chipotle, because of the benefits. One thing that is very important to her is that Chipotle aspires to help its employees be debt-free after college. She also mentions that the restaurant is very close to her house and they pay very well. She thinks it is the perfect job for her to have over the summer and is ecstatic to join the workforce. 

My final interviewee is sophomore Sydney Bryant, who does not expect to work this summer. She plays volleyball and would like to fully focus on her volleyball career. With spending all summer to make her skills better than they already are, it is her hope to earn a scholarship to one of her dream schools.

In conclusion, most students are ready to work this summer and are not as concerned about the virus affecting the workforce. Since a lot of the businesses that they are wanting to work for are still operating during the pandemic, they are still planning to get ready to work. So if you or anyone else are wanting to get a job, go for it! There are a lot of great companies that are still operating and accepting more employees.